HS | will it matter?

What does it mean to exist?

What is the point of all of this?

We are born alone, we die alone.

Everything in between is a dream

(or a nightmare).

Everything in between is indifference.

Does it matter what we do in between life and death?

If we make a name for ourselves, will it matter when we’re gone?

Some say it will, but how can it matter

if we can’t see what happens after?

It’s almost like religion— I always thought it was weird that we shouldn’t do this,

or we shouldn’t do that,

but will it matter when my body turns into ashes

or when you’re 6 ft below ground— will it matter what you did?

Will it matter how many friends I had if I can’t see who’s there after death?

Will it matter how much money I made if I can’t use it in the afterlife?

(Is there even an afterlife)?

Most of us are barely existing– living in conplacence.

Some of us are existing only in the depths

A depth that comprises of layers made of anxiety, stress, and despair.

But let’s try to be positive:

Let’s say life is a dream.

And let’s look at how a dream works:

Think about it— you wake up one day.

What if we wake up at the point of death

and realize that nothing was (real)?

| H S

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