what is love?

what is love:

conversations in silence, in reading each other’s eyes

the taste of you mixed with red wine lingering on my tongue from last night

a state that feels like a dream within a dream

drunk nights filled with kisses and touch and words that should have never been said but meant

listening to music that makes me want to drown in you, to drown in depth

when everything is going by fast but you remember moments in slow motion

stuck in time and stuck on you

the look of freedom trapped in a body, trapped in your mind that I need to get into

when the lines of your skin show me the way home

being wrapped in the comfort of you in the midst of an adventure

when I close my eyes and listen and the lyrics have lust and love lingering on to each letter

a blur that you look back on and can see each moment vividly and with clarity

when you just don’t know how to explain it, but you just know that you know

| H S

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